Yellowstone National Park is Back to Operating

Yellowstone Reopens a Key Gateway After Devastating June Flooding

With the last major storm of the season over, the city of Yellowstone National Park is now slowly recovering from a major disaster. But now, after a very rough summer, the gateway to Yellowstone is once again open to millions of visitors.

As of the morning of June 22, park officials told news outlets that the flooding was “very minor.” Park officials had previously told NewsChannel 3 that the city of Yellowstone had been declared an official disaster.

As of 8 a.m. Pacific on the 22nd, the city of Yellowstone was back to operating smoothly. The park is now open to visitors once again! But on June 23, the park issued a second statement saying the flooding was “no longer a factor”.

A second story in the Yellowstone Park Gazette says that the flood waters around the park are now receding, and that roads have started flooding again at a rate of less than a centimeter per hour.

Park officials said that despite the flooding, the roads will open soon. But on that day, visitors will need to plan for further flooding and road closures.

On June 8, officials with the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department (FWP) said that an estimated $3 million in damage was caused by the flooding from the severe storms which happened this past weekend.

Officials said that the flooding had caused damage to homes, parks, trails and roads. Additionally, FWP said that the fire department had “incurred costs related to emergency response”, and had been in damage control mode since June 4.

“We are pleased that the roads are open. Our focus is now on making sure that visitors can access the park in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner,” said Yellowstone park Superintendent Dan Wenk on June 21st.

But on Sunday, two days after the second damage estimate was issued, a second park spokesperson said that the park had made “significant progress” in reducing the scope of damages and that the park was “committed to continuing the process of restoration as quickly and as efficiently as possible.” But on June 22, the spokesperson said “significant damage” to park infrastructure and parks had been repaired.

A third park spokesperson said that the park was “committed to restoring the park to an operational state as quickly as possible.” This

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