What’s the Future of Taylor Swift?

A New Taylor Swift LP? Metacritic Crunches the Reviews, as Fans Watch.

The last Taylor Swift album to truly succeed was 1989, and that was by no means a fluke. As a pop star who loves to write and record, she has always been somewhat of an outlier.

Her 2009 follow-up hit album, Speak Now, didn’t get nearly as many airplay plays on the FM dial as some of her previous efforts. Critics were decidedly less enthusiastic about 1989, but there was, admittedly, more love for it. The following year she put out Red, the second album with the same producer, and it, too, became her only to truly hit the mainstream audience.

So, what is the future for Taylor Swift? While she’s not resting on her laurels, she’s clearly still very much a pop cultural phenomenon, and her latest album is her most high-profile project in a decade—and it’s a sign that she’s not losing any of her trademark flair for pop songwriting. But, what it may mean for her is that her album won’t be as widely accessible as others.

The album comes out this Friday. Taylor Swift may or may not be a mainstream hit like her pop contemporaries Beyoncé Knowles and Rihanna. For the most part, her music works in a way that’s not unlike what Taylor used to do when she was at her most popular, back in the era of “Fearless.”

There are certainly more albums like 1989, from a variety of artists, that are just less overtly pop. And like 1989, Taylor Swift has a style of music that could be a bit of a turnoff to your average music fan—or an engaging, and not just in terms of how long the songs are, but as she’s known for writing her songs, and then recording them.

She’s done this with her earlier releases. For her second album to be called Red was more about a more mainstream pop audience than her previous

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