US Senate asks Trump to review OAS

U.S. supports calls for external ethics probe into OAS chief

The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee has asked President Trump’s administration to begin an extensive review of the Office of the United States (OAS) chief operating officer.

The request followed a recommendation by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to investigate the role and independence of the OAS, which runs regional humanitarian operations in Colombia, Haiti, Syria and South Sudan in accordance with the Office of the Special Representative and Humanitarian Coordinator (SRSG) of the United Nations (UN).

The review, which would be overseen by the Office of Security and Defense, is requested in light of the role of the OAS in coordinating activities.

The OAS has been the subject of concern in the Senate of late, amid concerns about President OAS’ role in implementing the peace deal reached between the FARC and the Colombian government, which allows the leftist rebels to take up arms again.

Last week, in yet another example, Senator Ron Wyden from Oregon, said the OAS could be “a major impediment to the successful implementation of the peace process.”

Since the announcement the OAS was heading to peace talks with the FARC, Congress members have been requesting details. Last week, the US ambassador to Colombia described efforts to bring peace to Colombia as “an act of goodwill” that could be undermined by the OAS.

The OAS, the US ambassador said, was not helping the peace process because the organization is “a bit too partisan for us.”

“The president has repeatedly made clear that his administration is determined to see the peace agreement in Colombia through and is looking forward to that being a successful success,” the ambassador said.

“The Colombian government has said that it expects the peace agreement to be a success and the OAS has played a critical role in supporting the Colombian government throughout the process. Our goal is for the peace process to be successful.”

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has also criticized the White House’s “weak and ineffective” response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The request was put together by committee chairman Bob Corker, a Tennessee Republican, and ranking member

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