Trump’s “resolute” stance on North Korea is “not what I want”

US, allies clash with China, Russia over NKorea missiles

The US, the European Union and other western allies have threatened to impose sanctions against Russia, China and North Korea if they do not cease developing their respective nuclear forces.

The US military has warned that any attempt to undermine its nuclear capability would spark a “massive counterattack” and “destroy Russia as an effective deterrent” by the world’s most dangerous rival.

China has pledged to take “resolute” action against its neighbour for any threat to its security, while Russia has urged its ally to reconsider its aim of increasing its nuclear force.

North Korea, meanwhile, said its “pivot to Asia” was aimed at countering US influence in Asia, but denied it had conducted a nuclear test.

North Korea, which has conducted two nuclear tests but said it had not yet put a warhead on its missiles, said: “After the launch of the rocket the test of firing nuclear weapon is not needed.”

“We are not interested in launching a nuclear war,” it added. “We are an obedient people and we will not be the first to be killed or impoverished by the United States.”

China has long called for North Korea to end its nuclear programme, but the isolated state has insisted its weapons are for defence.

The foreign-policy elite, such as China and Russia, are deeply suspicious of the US, which it believes is trying to bring the world to war through its unilateral nuclear weapons and missile programmes.

In March, the US and China held their second summit since Donald Trump took office as the new US president.

During the meeting in Beijing, Trump said Washington wanted dialogue and that China would get “what it wants” on North Korea, but said he was “not looking for somebody to solve everything.”

He added: “I would rather just speak to one person than a thousand people. But that’s what I want.”

Trump has also taken a hard-line stance against the North Korean nuclear threat, and said he wanted to dismantle Pyongyang’s secretive nuclear testing site in northeastern China.

On Saturday, the US threatened to hit North Korea with military strikes over

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