Tom Brady Isn’t the NFL’s Best QB

Tom Brady Has Passed for 100,000 Yards. Sort Of.

The Patriots are now officially the NFL champions, but did you know they have never been the Super Bowl champs? And if Brady is the NFL’s best quarterback, then he’s even less likely to be in the running for the Super Bowl MVP than you thought.

According to Pro Football Reference, the Patriots have never been the regular season Super Bowl champs, though they have lost all five league championship games prior to this season:

Tom Brady has lost five Super Bowls – the previous eight he has been a part of only a Super Bowl Champion. Yet he’s been called the best quarterback in the game (though most would give credit to Eli Manning for that).

In reality, Brady has probably been the NFL’s most valuable player over the past three seasons.

For example, on the season he threw more touchdown passes (56) than any other regular season quarterback, and over his past five starts, Brady had more passing yards (2,959) than any other quarterback with five or more starts. (Brady’s teammate Rob Gronkowski had more receptions (67) than any other passer, but his five-start playoff streak is his only significant feat.)

Brady played in the Super Bowl during the first three weeks of his career, including a game in which he was benched in favor of Tom Coughlin. In addition, he was also quarterbacking the Patriots into the playoffs, as he took the team to the AFC Championship game before losing to the Broncos.

Since the regular season champions are decided early into the playoffs, Brady probably would have had a good chance to take the NFL’s MVP award from Manning (who also won the MVP in 2007) if he played in the Super Bowl. (Manning was also on the winning team in Super Bowl XXXVIII, but lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers.)

Brady’s best chances for winning the MVP came in the postseason

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