The Two Men Are in Close Proximity

Tom Brady and Ron DeSantis Are Said to Be on Texting Terms…

One of them might have been texting about a potential run for governor, the other about a potential run for a Senate seat in Florida, a report says.

The two were in close proximity Monday morning, sources tell CBS News.

Both men’s political futures have been in flux since the weekend when former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg became an overnight star as he launched an $80 million ad campaign to run for president.

In recent days, as the political landscape has shifted, both men have said they are considering run for governor or a seat in the US Senate.

Brady, who is known to be a heavy texter, was said to have been texting his aides over the weekend about a potential run for Florida’s U.S. Senate seat, a source said…

The two were said to be seen outside of each other’s homes and in proximity as recently as the last few days.

It’s not clear how close they were together. They haven’t been seen together on the trail since the last of Super Tuesday and the final day of the Republican National Convention.

Brady held a 10-point lead over DeSantis, according to the latest polls, with less than seven weeks left until Election Day.

They were not asked about the texting at the time, but the Florida Times-Union reported that the two had spoken in passing before that day.

Florida is one of those states where the party leaders in the Senate and the House of Representatives meet on a daily basis to talk about how a party should vote during each Congressional session.

And for the past few days, at least the two men have been on similar missions as they met with their party leaders.

They were in close proximity Monday morning as they met with leaders in both chambers, multiple sources said. The Florida Times-Union identified the two men as they met with leaders as they were leaving their meeting.

It’s possible the two were close enough that they looked at each other as they came outside their respective offices.

The two men have been seen outside each other’s homes and in close proximity during recent days. It’s not clear when the two actually spent the night together, though.

The two men are in

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