The Republican Side of the 2004 Presidential Election Is On The Way

A Republican Advantage?

From the Wall Street Journal, July 30, 2004.

The Republican side of the 2004 presidential election is well on its way to being decided, as evidenced this week by the final results announced by both political parties.

Although many analysts believe that the election will be decided by the same old tricks – the trick of having a large number of votes but not a large number of seats in Congress – there is evidence that the vote will be decided by something new.

Some analysts believe that the Republicans face a major disadvantage because the party has not put forward a real alternative to George Bush. Some others believe that their advantage has already been lost. However, the new numbers, particularly with the new party rules, make it rather unlikely that the Republican Party will find much more than a minor advantage, especially when it is remembered that the popular vote has consistently gone against the Republicans over the years.

This may be the most important election since the Civil War era, if indeed it is already the most important election since that time. It could determine the political fate of the US for generations.

When the Republicans control Congress, they will have the power to pass a wide range of measures to further redistribute income and wealth, including measures to cut entitlement and other social programs, including the Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security benefits that will be cut for current retirees and those who expect to collect them. The Republicans also have the power to pass laws to allow businesses to dump workers and to pass laws that will allow banks to make reckless loans at no cost to the taxpayer.

All of these changes that will be enacted by the Republicans in Congress in the next few years will have a profound impact on our daily lives. They could end up causing a collapse in public confidence in the US government.

This could bring a rise in anti-government protests and a return of a more populist and conservative style of American politics. It should also be remembered that anti-government protests occur

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