The Pabst Theater Fire Kills Six People

Fire in Milwaukee Suburb Kills Six People (VIDEO)

Fire in Milwaukee Suburb Kills Six People (VIDEO)


The tragic circumstances of the fire at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee are being described as horrific. Local and international authorities are treating the fire as an act of terrorism. In addition to the six people killed, there are at least four persons injured.

The Pabst Theater Complex is located on the northern side of Milwaukee’s historic downtown. The complex is made up of three retail buildings located at the intersection of W. Randolph St. and Walnut St. in the city’s Downtown area.

According to various reports, a patron started a fire in one building. A second patron extinguished the fire in an adjacent building. A few minutes later, the fire spread to the third building, where it was quickly extinguished by firefighters. In total, six people died when the fire spread to all three buildings.

According to reports, the two patrons who started the fire were able to flee. The two patrons fled on foot, but then the other patrons in the third building saw them running and ran to assist. One patron was able to escape the building by jumping from a second-floor balcony.

While the two victims who fled on foot made it out, the other patrons inside the third building did not. At least four people were trapped inside. Some witnesses say they heard the explosion from inside the theater. Others say they saw smoke coming out of the theater.

Other eyewitnesses say that people inside the theater did not appear to be injured. But others reportedly said that the fire was intense and that people were suffocating. Witnesses said that one of the victims reportedly died in the moments after the initial blast.

A cause of the Pabst Theater Fire is still unknown. Officials in Milwaukee have appealed for assistance from authorities in both Chicago and Milwaukee.

The fire took place in an area with strong crime history. Local officials have blamed recent violent crime in the area as the reason for the fire spreading to three buildings and killing six people.

In January, a man in his 20s was killed in the city. Shortly after that, the Milwaukee Police Department revealed that a gang member was killed and five people were wounded after a drive-by shooting outside a local bar

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