The Only Way to Make Abortion Safe and Legal is to Legalize Abortion

Letters to the Editor: Karen Bass is right, abortion is a local issue.

The recent shooting of Dr. William J. Clinton, Jr. by a 16 year old student at Western Kentucky University is a tragic and heartbreaking event, in which the shooter’s motive was abortion. This is a national issue.

In the United States, at the local level, women who get abortions are stigmatized. They face a stigma that is not applied to other types of abortion. This stigma is often used to silence women who might have had an abortion, because the stigma is often seen as a reason for abortion. It is not a reason to have an abortion, and the stigma associated with abortion is often used to make the abortion more safe.

There are many women who say they wanted to have an abortion, but who changed their minds. There are many women who have had an abortion who don’t have the courage to share their experience, and there are many women who have had abortions who never talk about their experience.

It is sad that people with a pro-life view are put in the same camp as people who are not. There are two ways of making abortion safer. The first is by making the abortion safe, such as making it available over the counter without a doctor’s visit. The second is to legalize abortion. In the United States, a woman who has an abortion in the third trimester of pregnancy will not be prosecuted, but she will be subject to fines, criminal sanctions, or jail time. If we legalize abortion, we make abortion safer because we will also save the lives of many more women.

Every abortion in the United States costs upwards of $9,000 and is a very serious financial burden on women and families. In the United States, the government subsidizes 90 percent of the abortion. The government pays for the abortion with the money that women spend on their health insurance, which is supposed to cover medical costs. The government pays for abortion with the money that women spend on their food, gas, rent. What a joke! They give a woman money to be her health insurance and then tell her she has to pay over $6000 for what is essentially a heart operation. Women are paying for it with their own money.

The bottom line is that the only way to make abortion safe and legal is to legalize abortion. Right now, there are more than 60 laws on the books in 27 states

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