The Long Weekend of Beach Weather in California Has Been Delayed

Cooler temperatures — and maybe some showers — headed to SoCal this weekend.

The start of what’s expected to be a long weekend of beach weather from California to Massachusetts has been delayed until Monday, as forecasters and coastal officials discuss how to manage the coming storm.

That storm — predicted to be the second-largest on record — is coming from the west, and there’s concern it could develop as a tropical storm at some point in the next day or two, rather than a tropical wave, which would be more typical.

Meanwhile, as the storm passes over, it’ll remain in a high-speed rotation and be expected to be the most intense storm to ever strike the area.

Morning fog hangs over Newport Beach on Monday. (Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times)

A tropical storm warning is in effect along the California coast through midmorning Tuesday, with most of the region under a tropical storm warning until sunset.

On the North California coast, a hurricane warning is in effect from the Mexican border to the Oregon border, and a high-pressure warning is in effect through midmorning Tuesday.

Forecasters said the storm is expected to produce winds gusting to 50 mph along the storm’s outer edges, with sustained winds in the range 65 to 85 mph, and gusts to 100 mph in the Santa Cruz area.

They said a significant amount of rain is expected, with an expected maximum of 5 to 6 inches in the Santa Cruz area and a minimum of 2 inches in the area around Cape Mendocino. Inland, forecasters said, it’s possible that areas from Napa all the way to the Tehama County line could receive 5 to 8 inches of rain or more.

Forecasters warned that a large number of people could be affected by flooding and road closures, particularly in the Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa areas as a result of seawater entering storm drains and flooding streets and roads.

The National Weather Service’s San Francisco Bay Area office said it expected that the storm would hit the region later Monday, but it didn’t give an exact time.

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