The Last Year, the Last Day: Ashley Carter in the Classroom and on the School Bus

Nick Carter mourns ‘baby brother’ Aaron Carter: ‘Now you can finally have … peace’

Aaron Carter was 7 when his father, Ron, took him, his 9-year-old sister Kory and his 6-year-old sister Ashley to the airport in Sacramento. The family was headed to Baltimore to go to the funeral of Aaron’s older brother, Ron, who had died in the Navy training ship USS Kearsarge in 1998.

The family was not sure how Aaron and Kory would handle the grief, but they were determined to be strong.

A little over a year later, on Jan. 28, 1999, Ron and Kory flew to the USS Kearsarge in Hawaii for the last time. It was, Kory wrote in a memoir, “the biggest funeral I have ever been to in the family.” They packed a small tent with “lots of stuff,” including a small bag of ashes.

But after two decades of service to his country, Ron Carter had fallen ill. They were notified.

On the morning that they were going to be told if he was going to be okay, Ron didn’t get out of bed. “My mom started screaming and my dad started crying,” Kory wrote in her memoir. “I was so shocked, and I didn’t know what they were so afraid of. It was the worst day of my life.”

Ron fell into a coma and died that afternoon. He was 53.

Ron and Kory were devastated, but Kory found solace in the fact that she was able to take care of Ashley, too. When Kory and Ashley were in kindergarten, Ashley’s teachers told us that they were very close.

In her memoir, “The Last Year, the Last Day: Ashley Carter in the Classroom and on the School Bus,” Kory said that “her teacher” talked about the “greatness” of Ashley as a student.

On the bus, they talked about her and about their dad, but it was not easy. “The only thing Ashley and I could agree on is that her daddy was really awesome to her,” Kory wrote. “I remember her saying, ‘There’s a reason why some people are so good at being friends and some so bad.’”

The last school day for Ashley ended with her teacher giving her a hug and a kiss. A photo taken at the end of that day shows Ashley wearing glasses and

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