The Jaguars’ Preseason Game at Wembley Stadium

How the Jaguars Made Themselves at Home in London

If you thought it was hard to stand out in London from the Jaguars’ inaugural preseason game at Wembley Stadium last season, then maybe things aren’t any better this year.

After spending their first three seasons in Jacksonville, the Jaguars are now part of the London Football Club, and at least for the opening week of the regular season, they’ve had some issues finding themselves a club that fits in with the city around them.

The team was originally supposed to begin play in the top two divisions of the English football pyramid at the conclusion of the 2015 season, but they instead decided to begin in the Championship, where they finished their inaugural season in 23rd place out of 24 teams.

In fact, in terms of the English Premier League, they have had the worst record in the history of the league, but they were able to bounce back by taking two of their wins at Wembley in 2016, one was in the Championship, and the other was in the Championship play-off final. That was the first ever time a Jacksonville team has ever won at Wembley since the stadium opened in 2008.

After the Jaguars came back-to-back wins over the Manchester United in the first two rounds of the playoffs, the Jaguars had a shot at the top of the table, but they fell into the playoffs in the fourth round, and they were defeated by Newcastle (in the second round). After that, the Jaguars ended the regular season winless, which ended their streak of six consecutive seasons.

Of their nine league losses, two were in the first round of the playoffs, and the other seven were in the regular season. When they beat the Indianapolis Colts in the playoffs on their first try, it was their first loss in four years, which came in the regular season.

The Jaguars also came back from a 17-point halftime deficit to the Carolina Panthers in their preseason game last week, but their offense wasn’t very efficient against the Panthers. The Jaguars were held to a season-low 14 points in the game, with quarterback Blake Bortles throwing for just 93 yards passing, with just one touchdown and no interceptions thrown.

One of the reasons the Jaguars struggled in the preseason games was because they played in the top division of the English Premier League, and some of the teams they

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