The Election is About Choice

‘Votes for women!’ — 110 years ago marked the first time in California that women voted on any issues. Today, the trend continues, as women’s votes have been increasing since 2010.

The 2016 presidential election is one of the biggest turning points in history.

Who are these women? They are all women of color or women of color who are young or old; they are lesbian, bisexual, gay, trans, or queer; they are asexual, non-monogamous, or polyamorous. These women are a diverse group of individuals with a wide array of experiences, beliefs, and needs. So, it’s no surprise that as we come together this election season, we feel more unified and excited than ever.

And while we haven’t always been in step, we are now.

This election is about choice. It’s about what our futures hold and who can best help us make them in each of our individual and collective journeys as women. The question we should be asking ourselves as we cast our votes is this: How do you want your life to be, and how do you want to see these past and future years of your lives? And now, you may be thinking: “But I’m not like this!” That’s true. In fact, many of us struggle with who we are and what we want. But this election is about what kind of woman you are, and how you decide to get there.

It has always been said, and not just about black women, but with regard to women as a whole, that we have always been in the wilderness of self-discovery.

It was a woman named Madame Guyon who coined this very important principle in 1795. It’s an insight that helps us discover who we are or, as Madame Guyon said, “lose ourselves so completely that we discover ourselves.” And who we are is our choices. Choices like: who we love, who we are attracted to, and who we are attracted to, or not. These are powerful decisions that may change who we are, who we love, and who we are attracted to for who we turn out to be in our future lives.

If we aren’t willing to decide to

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