The City Council is a place where the issues are not brought to the front of the council

Editorial: Time to go, Councilmembers De León and Cedillo

New York City is filled with interesting stories. There are the residents who refuse to comply with the rules and regulations or the laws of the city or state, the activists who fight for justice and the underdog, the social activists who try to change the culture of violence and neglect and to build a better future.

The Councilmembers who represent their respective districts are there to make sure the same basic issues are brought to the front of the city council. The same issues that are causing the greatest amount of pain in our city. They are there to make sure that the rights of the people who inhabit our community, the people who live or work here and the people who visit our city are taken care of.

The residents of our nation’s capital do not have the luxury of choosing which issues to raise in our city council meetings. The issues are just the same as those in other parts of our nation. They are issues we are all facing.

Many issues in our nation’s capital go unheard of or ignored when they are being discussed at the city council. When these issues are brought to the city council, a representative from each party, or an empty chair representing no party, will hold a vote to decide whether or not the subject of discussion will be taken up for discussion.

In some cases, there are no votes and the subject is never brought to the council. I am referring to issues such as raising taxes or cuts in social programs. In some cases, the council will choose to ignore certain issues simply because they are not politically expedient for the majority to address.

I am referring to issues that include, but are not limited to: 1) raising the minimum wage, 2) a reduction in the number of state employees in the city, including the police department. The problems go on to include raising the minimum wage and making sure the public safety budget is adequate.

In the past, these issues have not been brought to the city council. These issues have only been brought to the city council when they have brought about a crisis or when they have brought about changes in how the city operates and the role of the city in society.

Now is the time to go to the

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