The California heat index is a top 10 high for the day

Welcome to another heat wave. Triple-digit temperatures on tap for Southern California with a couple other spots hitting triple-digit highs as well on Friday’s Heat Wave Heatmap Report from the National Weather Service’s Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim Division and the National Weather Service’s Oxnard-San Juan Capistrano-Ventura Division. Forecast high temperatures across the nine-state California area will be in the mid-70s with afternoon temps in the low-70s, making for a balmy start to the weekend in many places.

Here’s a look at where the high temperatures and the overall heat index will land across Southern California from Friday through Sunday:

The heat index in the nine-state California area was also a top 10 high for the date on Thursday, tying the record of 10 degrees for the previous record set on April 21, 1966. The high temperatures will range across the area with triple-digit highs in the San Francisco Bay Area, the high-80s in San Diego, the high-80s in Riverside, the high-80s in San Bernardino, the high-80s in Los Angeles, the high-80s in San Jose, the high-80s in Santa Barbara, the high-80s in Ventura, the high-80s in Santa Claus City, the high-90s in San Luis Obispo, the high-90s in Santa Cruz, the high-90s in San Diego County, the high-90s in Orange County, the high-90s in San Diego, the high-100s in Bakersfield, the high-100s in Sacramento, the high-100s in Stockton, the high-100s in Merced, the high-100s in Yolo County, the high-100s in Yuba City, the high-120s in Madera, the high-130s in Placer County, the high-140s in Mad

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