The Black Community Is Not Working Together

Ronna McDaniel condemns Paul Pelosi attack, criticizes Democratic crime policies

Ronna McDaniel, the first black woman elected to the Georgia House of Representatives, criticized the current state of black leadership in her home-state, adding that, “we’ve got to work together, as a state to do that.”

RENO MCDENDRAN: As a freshman and as a member of the minority party in the House, I saw the leadership of the minority party as much as the leadership of the majority party.

So I’m not interested in leadership by the party leaders. I wanted to see a leadership that was interested in our best interest. And I have a job to do; and that is to fight to make sure that our communities are safe. Not only in my district but in all the districts across the country

In an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, McDaniel described how she had to navigate her way through the halls of Congress as a black woman in the halls of power, and how she had to face the challenge of balancing her own professional aspirations with her commitment to improving the quality of life for black people in Georgia.

I got a call from my mentor at the NAACP and I got a lot of call from different organizations that were giving me opportunities to do things, and to move ahead. But I still had to get to Washington to take on the tough jobs. There were a lot of things I had to consider and balance as well.

And I had to come to Washington to make sure that I got the positions that I was qualified to take. But you just never get a clear picture of what’s going on with the leadership of the black community. The only thing we know is that they don’t want to work with us. And they don’t want to work with the women of this community because they know that that’s how they play the card to advance their political power.

So, it was a real challenge, because you

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