Taylor Swift Teased Fans With a Secret Track for Her New Album, Reputation

Countdown to ‘Midnights’: What we know about Taylor Swift’s new album

The singer gave fans a sneak peek into her new material at the end of June, and now we’re getting the first taste of what she’ll have to offer in the fall

Taylor Swift isn’t the sort of person to be shy about sharing what she’s working on.

After all, that’s what she did with her debut album, 1989, when the singer teased fans with an eight-minute-long clip of the video as well as a lengthy “secret track” for the album, one that she’s promised won’t be out till 2018.

Now, she’s made the surprise public, sharing the lead single of her upcoming record, Reputation.

It’s the track that she teased with a snippet during one of her June concert performances in Paris, and it’s one that fans will be able to hear live on September 17, as part of her Reputation tour.

And she’ll be able to sing and perform for her fans on the other side of the country on September 20, when she hosts the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

Swift also posted a short video of herself in Paris that was recorded after the conclusion of her concert.

The video showed her at the Parisian Eiffel Tower with her friends and the French people who were filming her performance.

“All my videos are very personal, so you can’t take any of them out of context,” she wrote on Instagram before she shared the video in full. “This video is me being myself on vacation. It’s a beautiful moment in time.”

Reputation is a departure for Swift, who has a strong penchant for pop melodies and simple lyrics that tend to border on the simplistic.

“I would say I am more of a folk-rock guy,” she told Billboard in 2017 while promoting her new album, Reputation. “I’m more pop-centric,

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