Sylvester Stallone says he regrets not getting the third writer credit

Sylvester Stallone calls his ‘Creed III’ absence a ‘regretful situation’

Sylvester Stallone has apologised for missing out on the third ‘Rocky’ sequel, and says he has ‘no regrets’ for not making it happen.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Stallone says he and the film’s director, Paul Greengrass, both feel the film was a misfire.

And while the actor claims he was at least partly responsible for the problem, he insists he made no decisions about production in terms of the film’s ending.

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Rockstar: Sylvester Stallone has claimed he was at least partly to blame for the third ‘Rocky’ sequel not being made because he turned down the writing credit

When asked if he regrets not having been involved in the project, Stallone responded: ‘Oh, no, no. I don’t.

‘I had no decision-making power on it, really. I don’t regret anything now that I didn’t do.’

Stallone went on to point out that he and Greengrass were two of many writers who pitched ideas to the producers, who only accepted two of them.

‘The writing was very weak,’ the actor explained. ‘It was my fault. We were the writers, and we were told three of them.

‘We had them all pitch stuff and the producers decided to take two of them.’

Stallone says he regretted not getting the third writer credit, because it meant ‘we didn’t have the clout that we should have had.’

He went on to say: ‘I think it was a mistake. When you have an idea, maybe you should be able to make it happen.’

The actor went on to point out that he had a good relationship with the ‘Rocky’ team, and that he was able to work with the legendary director on ‘The Expendables 2,’ which he directed.

‘Paul and I are friends now. I respect him tremendously,’ Stallone said. ‘There are things I don’t like, but I respect him. I really do.’

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