Sarah Palin Will Be the First Alaska Governor to Cast Her Vote

Murkowski Says She Will Rank Peltola First on Her Ballot in Alaska

Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) today confirmed that she will be casting her ballot for the Republican presidential candidate in the Alaska Primary on August 28, choosing former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. Palin made the announcement from the steps of the Alaska State Capitol as she spoke with reporters prior to leaving for a campaign rally in Anchorage.

Palin will be the first elected, non-incumbent governor who makes her vote at the state’s August election. She will be the first Alaska governor to attend the state’s Aug. 28 Republican primary election.

Palin’s decision comes at the end of a year that has seen her campaign stumble, leading to a series of gaffes from an unkempt candidate.

It’s a shame more people don’t understand that a governor has many more responsibilities than simply making the tough decisions that many citizens do not understand.

Palin should realize the people of Alaska live in a state where elections take place in the mid-August months and candidates have already received the campaign finance donations necessary to pay for the primary. In order to have her name on the ballot, she will have to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. She will have to be a successful politician to do so, or she will be laughed at by her constituents and ignored by media outlets.

Yes the people of Alaska do not want a governor who does not understand the importance of elections and a governor who does not understand the importance of serving the citizens of Alaska should be forced out of office.

This is truly a travesty of the first amendment guaranteed freedom of speech rights and the freedom of the people of the US.

I’m amazed how many of those on here have little sympathy for Sarah Palin since she is elected to office. I suppose it is the same type of politics we see in our government in this country.

The people of this country need to wake up to this fact that our government operates on a different and twisted set of rules than the US Constitution!


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