Police fired teargas at fans throwing bottles at matches at stadiums

Indonesia police: Stadium exit gates too small for escape – Published on Mon, 26 Jun 2018

The latest in a string of incidents involving fans and police in stadiums this year has raised concerns that authorities are over-reacting when it comes to crowd control.

At least 25 people had been hurt when police fired rubber bullets at a rowdy football match in the Indonesian capital Jakarta on Saturday night, leaving at least one person in hospital. The incident came just days after a fan died just weeks after being hit by a police water cannon.

In April, fans at an Under-19 Asian Championship football match in front of a home crowd in North Jakarta were held at bay by the police before they took matters into their own hands. They were also caught on camera jumping into the path of passing vehicles before being wrestled to the ground.

Police in Indonesia have also been filmed throwing beer at fans in a bar in the capital on Saturday night. A video of the incident was posted online which showed police officers in full riot gear throwing beer bottles at a group of young men in a cocktail bar in the city.

Police have also used teargas and water cannons to disperse fans at games during Asian Cup qualifiers, as well as in front of matches at stadiums in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Police and fans clash again

In Jakarta, a fan died after being hit with a water cannon on a football pitch in front of a home crowd.

The incident happened at the Jatinegara Football Stadium on March 5, when police were chasing a group of fans who were throwing beer bottles into the crowd and running through the ground.

Police used a water cannon to disperse the fans, but the fan died on the way to hospital.

In May, police in Singapore fired water cannon and teargas at fans throwing bottles at games at Singapore Stadium.

In March, police in Thailand fired tear gas and water cannon at fans at the match between Thailand and Indonesia, at a venue in Pattaya

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