Mastriano is an anti-Semite

In a Race Rife With Antisemitism Concerns, Mastriano Adviser Calls Shapiro ‘At Best a Secular Jew’

By A. Gil Diesenhuber, Esq.

In an interview with the World Jewish Congress published on the Jewish Independent, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s long-time adviser Jonathan Mastriano is quoted as saying:

“The way in which the right is using antisemitism in Israel, as a tactic of war against Israel, is at best a secular Jewish perspective, and at worst an antisemitic political perspective.”

The World Jewish Congress, in a response to criticism of Netanyahu’s position on the Palestinian issue is quick to point out that Mastriano is essentially an “academic” whose “opinions and views” are not shared by the vast majority of Jews, who “stand firmly behind the State of Israel.” Even more, the World Jewish Congress says that a “significant majority of Israelis” believe that antisemitism is a “national problem” and that Israel should work with the international community “to combat its spread”:

“Nearly two-thirds of Israelis now believe that antisemitism is a national problem. The same is true of around a quarter of the Jewish population of Britain and the United States…”

A. Gil Diesenhuber, Esq., writes the following on his facebook page:

To be clear, Mastriano is not a critic of Jews in Israel, he is a critic of the Jewish establishment’s “strategic alliance” with the Palestinian Arabs, and even more importantly he is a critic of Netanyahu’s “strategic alliance” with Israel’s enemies.

In an interview with the Forward’s Alan Johnston, Mastriano admitted:

“If Netanyahu were to pull out of Gaza, or the West Bank, they will say ‘oh, he is an anti-Semite.’”

In the Forward interview, Mastriano is quoted as

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