Los Angeles Water Department Sues State for Not Providing Water to City

L.A. is conserving water at record levels, but it’s not enough as drought worsens.

For the third year in a row, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is going above and beyond its obligation to conserve electricity by adding a whole bunch of extra water to the river system. In the past two years, they’ve added a whopping 16.3 billion gallons of water to the water supply. This is more water than two average residents use in a year for washing their cars!

If this is true, it’s hard to see how the department could justify this massive water addition to the city’s water supply. The LA Times reports:

On Tuesday, the department filed a lawsuit against the state’s Department of Water and Power, alleging it has not followed the terms of a contract that requires the city to contribute more than a billion gallons of water every year, or nearly every month, to keep the river system wet. The district is asking the court to award millions of dollars in damages. ….According to the suit, the water department has not been providing the city of Los Angeles “with the amount of water it agreed to provide in the contract in any given month, or for any given year,” the department said in the filing. The suit also states that the city must make “regular monthly water service payments totaling more than $6.3 billion each year,” which could be more than $3 billion more than the amount the district provided when the contract began.

As I explained last year, I don’t understand why the legislature has allowed the LAUSD to build a school in the middle of the canyons without any study being performed to determine how much water it takes to sustain our public schools. We’ve gone from a school district with a water department that operated at a loss, to one that is swimming in money.

According to the LAUSD’s new budget, the school district is responsible for building three more schools by 2024 in a school district with only one elementary school and no high school. If you are going to use the same reasoning, it shouldn’t be a surprise that they’d try to build another school in the middle of the canyons that could endanger the can

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