Kathy Griffin is Getting Back to Work

Kathy Griffin ducks Elon Musk’s Twitter ban by using late mom’s account: ‘#FreeKathy’

Elon Musk’s ban on his social media sites is costing him. But the electric-car magnate still has an ace in the hole: Kathy Griffin.

The comedian and host of “Kathy Griffin: My Bitch Is Back” is making her Twitter account, which is blocked by Musk’s site, available to users of his site, Twitter.

In fact, “KathyGriffin” is already in the account.

“Twitter is not my favorite social media platform,” Griffin told The Hollywood Reporter while getting back to work. “But I’m doing it for Elon Musk…. He’s been an advocate for our planet, and now that I’m blocked, I will keep working.”

Griffin, whose Instagram has been the target of several spoofs with photos that look like a photo of Musk, is also trying to get in touch with the electric car and solar maker through her new Twitter account, which is under a fake name that she said is short for “Kathy Grudges.”

Musk has been the target of many spoofs in recent weeks. Some mocked his appearance, which has been changing with the clothing he is wearing.

“Hey Elon, I just did the most random thing,” Griffin wrote to Musk on Twitter on Jan. 8. “Kathy Griffin is on your timeline…. #KathyGriffin.” (His account also had a video of his face.)

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The account that Musk blocked has been “spammed” by his followers, though Griffin didn’t disclose her intentions.

Musk blocked more than 100 people on Twitter on Friday, some of whom were using his account.

Musk has blocked accounts with negative comments about his personal life, including his first wife, and had a number of people send his office a mass email of condolences after he was hospitalized after a “self-inflicted” wound on a motorized scooter.

On Sunday, his “KathyGriffin” account was “unable to send or receive your messages,” Griffin said in a tweet. She didn’t elaborate when her account was blocked, and Musk did not respond to her questions.

Musk, who owns Tesla and SpaceX, was not involved in the production of the “KathyGriffin” video, which was sent to CNN.


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