Kanye West’s apology for calling a black man a dog

Holocaust Museum LA invited Kanye West to a private tour. Now it’s target of antisemitic attacks

Kanye West performs at UCLA’s Royce Hall. (Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Kanye West stands in the middle of UCLA’s Royce Hall, his mouth full of food, as if a museum hadn’t just gone after him for the word “nigger,” using it in a tweet that has gone viral.

If those words hadn’t been there, West would’ve been able to walk calmly into the room and have his food be served to him — or sit in the back and eat by himself. But the tweet, which surfaced Saturday, came from none other than the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African-American History and Culture, where a museum official apologized to West.

As West walks into the museum that day, the museum staff has a question for him: Was it OK to call a black man a dog in a tweet? The museum responded that it was OK.

It was a big week in West’s life as well. On Sunday, he posted a picture of himself with President Trump (whose own history of racism is well documented) and the caption: “For the first time ever, a black man will be invited to sit in the front row at the white house.”

That same night, West tweeted a photo of the museum’s director of curatorial development, Susan Goldfarb, whom he later thanked on the museum’s Twitter account and described as “a true civil rights advocate for all people.”

Two days later, a tweet from the museum’s account said, “We understand that many of our followers are offended by tweets posted yesterday, which, in retrospect, we apologize for. The museum stands by its work and we’re proud of our record of advancing civil rights and human rights.”

The museum responded again in the following day: “We are sorry for the offense this has caused and our intention was never to offend…We stand with @KanyeWest and look forward to hosting him again.”

And on Tuesday, the museum tweeted: “Today, it is with deep humility and confusion that we are sharing our apology: It is not OK. We failed.”

The museum and West have

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