Kanye West has sued Kanye West for $45 million

As his businesses fall apart, Kanye West reportedly hires Depp lawyer Camille Vasquez

Depp’s lawyer says Kanye’s “unfortunate decision” to terminate their agreement

West had been paying Depp $1,038 per month, according to court papers

Camille Vasquez represents both Depp and West in a variety of business matters

West’s spokeswoman claims he was entitled to a share of the actor’s income, as well as his services

West’s legal team has filed a counterclaim accusing Depp and his businesses of breaching their contract on four separate occasions

The former couple reached a settlement in July after a two-year legal battle that included accusations of fraud and cheating – both of which have now been denied by West.

The ‘Runaway’ singer has also denied claims of non-payment – something he did not deny when he fired his long-time manager Ari Gold earlier this year and fired a number of business associates from his music company.

But it seems in a bid to avoid another public row, West has hired a prominent New York attorney – Camille Vasquez – to represent him in the ongoing legal battle.

The lawyer represented West and Paris Hilton’s controversial “honeymoon” in 2001

West and Depp have since filed a counterclaim accusing the actor of breaching his contract with the rapper – which they claim constitutes ‘bad faith’ since Depp allegedly ‘filed for bankruptcy and was unable to pay the amount due’ from September 2011 to February 2012.

West had been paying $1,038 per month, according to court papers filed recently by Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez.

But Depp’s former business partner has now sued him for over $45 million, claiming he failed to pay for three months of work – which was never done.

The lawyer is also working pro bono on behalf of Depp’s daughter Violet, who is trying to get her father released from jail in New York.

Despite the turmoil, Depp maintains that he had no hand in West being taken to a hospital, and that he told him he would never sue him again.

Depp, 46, is currently serving a seven-year sentence in New York for misdemeanor charges of marijuana possession and driving while intoxicated

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