Jude Bellingham sues police for racist abuse after he was threatened by racist fans at his own football ground

‘Maybe we are alone’: Jude Bellingham questions whether authorities ‘care’ about racist abuse directed at Black footballers

‘Crying poor black boy’: Tony Adams says he ‘had to endure some vile things’ in the racist abuse

The former England footballer’s mother and brother are also suing the South Yorkshire Police for failing to provide proper care to the victims of racist abuse

Crying poor boy: Tony Adams is pictured with his brother and mother. He says he ‘had to endure some vile things’ while at the police station

Jude Bellingham was a teenage footballer for Blackpool as it won promotion to the Premier League. But he was repeatedly abused and threatened by racist fans as he played in his home town.

The former England international was subjected to racist abuse, threats, taunts and even physical assault as he played for the club.

Bellingham was forced to go on leave on three separate occasions, and was later sent to prison for aggravated racial abuse.

He had to endure some vile things and he had been subjected to some vile things at the police station. The police did nothing.

He has now decided to sue the local police for what he claims was a failure to treat him with respect and dignity.

It’s a decision that comes a week after Bellingham won an arbitration award after he was threatened by racist fans at his own local football ground following a league match.

It is a decision that comes 11 years after he first received abuse from strangers and as the victim of the most racially-aggravated abuse in the annals of English football.

An arbitration panel has given him a total award of just over £50,000, but it is this case that has galvanised him to action.

And, as he seeks damages for the actions of police and security staff, he has revealed how the authorities failed to protect him.

‘I had to endure some vile things’: Bellingham played for Blackpool between 1987 and 1992 and was abused by racist fans whenever he took to the field

Bellingham, who is pictured with wife Michelle and teenage son Tony, says that he now wants to’stand up for anyone that has ever been racially abused in any way’


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