Jimmy Kimmel fired two comedy writers after stealing a joke from Jimmy Fallon

James Corden accused of stealing Noel Fielding joke in resurfaced tweet after telling Ricky Gervais bit was funny at press conference

Jimmy Kimmel has fired two comedy writers after an email came to light showing they had stolen a joke from Jimmy Fallon.

The writers said in their email to Fallon’s publicist that they had taken a joke and decided to keep it, according to TMZ. “We take jokes in stride,” they wrote, adding that they took the joke to Kimmel’s “overwhelming approval.”

The email was sent to Fallon’s publicist by comedian James Corden, who was being interviewed on ITV’s Good Morning Britain programme. ITV removed Corden’s piece after it was caught on video by The Daily Mail.

In a tweet on Friday, Gervais said that he had never told Corden he had a joke to steal and took out a video to goad him further.

The Daily Mail also said Corden used a joke written by comedian Noel Fielding last year in his piece. Fielding wrote: “It’s one of those things that we say that we don’t usually say, but if I ever had to use a condom, I’d take it out and put it in my jellied eel.”

Fielding then added: “We might not be able to go so far, though. Would it be rude to put it in my jellied eel?”

Corden, a writer on the Emmy award-winning CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory, replied to Gervais saying he should “shut up” and claimed that Fielding’s joke was similar to a much-used one in the TV show. Gervais, in a tweet on Friday, said that he had never told Corden he had a joke to steal and took

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