James Corden’s Voice Is Like Something For Which We Use a Siren

James Corden Would Rather Not Talk About That Balthazar Omelet From his new show


If there was ever a recipe for a showrunner’s downfall, it was this one. If you can get a food critic to open up about cooking in general, it’s a recipe for disaster. But if you can get a celebrity chef to open up about the day-to-day life of a food critic, it’s a recipe for fame and fortune.

From the get-go: If there were a better showrunner for a television program about a celebrity chef, I don’t know who it would be.

Sure, this is the latest in a series of one-offs, but the timing is perfect for this show. The show already has an excellent star in James Corden, and the show already seems to be a strong candidate for a spinoff. A show about a food critic and a show about a restaurant on the Food Network could easily be a show like this, in which a critic-chef team works together, sharing the spotlight. But then the problem with the show is that James Corden’s voice is way too good to use on its own. As it’s been pointed out on Twitter, James Corden’s voice “is like something for which we use a siren.”

We’re not supposed to laugh at the siren part, but it’s true. James Corden sounds like something from the future. It’s like he’s been on another planet for a few millennia, and he just got to spend a few days in the year 2017. But you can listen to this guy’s voice on the radio or over the phone and you might not know that. But, hey, they’ve been in your head so long, why not use them to get out to the world.

And yet, that’s basically what he’s doing.

I’ve interviewed James Corden a bazillion times at length, and it’s really been the worst interview I’ve ever had with a celebrity guest. It’s like something from the 1950s, in which you’re asked a bunch of really basic questions and he’s supposed to try to answer them in a really

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