Indonesian soccer fans killed in stampede at stadium

129 dead after fans stampede to exit Indonesian soccer match

The body count is mounting. As per reports, at least 45 people have died in one of the worst stampede-like scenes in recent history. The stampede occurred during a match between the Indonesian national side and Janggalang in Jakarta on Friday night. What started as an ordinary soccer match between the two teams escalated into a stampede. Fans ran in different directions during the game, and several spectators were crushed to death.

Indonesian soccer fans rush to exit venue after stampede

The incident took place at the Nusa Dua Stadium in Jakarta, a 5,000-seat football venue in central Java. About 20,000 fans went to watch the match between national team and Janggalang. The game was scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. local time.

Jakarta police director general Tito Karnavian said he would investigate the death of 45 people in the stampede. Two officers at the ground were killed during the stampede, while another died in a traffic accident.

Police are still trying to determine the source of the stampede and what caused it. The stadium had 1,000 policemen on duty. Local police chief Sutarman says investigations will continue.

“The investigation is still ongoing but it is not yet clear what caused this tragedy,” Sutarman said.

The cause of the incident is still unknown.

In a statement, the Indonesian soccer federation said that as long as there is no report of criminal or criminal negligence, the federation will not take any action against anyone. The federation said that the game was not affected by the stampede, and was playing without any problems.

Officials of the federation said that they are investigating reports of excessive fan activity.

In 2015, the Indonesian football federation decided to allow women to attend the national team game against China following a complaint by a female fan.

“I am very excited about the news of female spectators and players in the stadium,” said Indonesia’s first female sports leader, sports journalist and activist TNI Sukma, who was the secretary general of the Indonesian Basketball Federation.

She said the stadium was about 8,000 capacity last year, and the female spectators will increase it.

The first female players to join the national team on March

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