Gil Cedillo is a Corrupt Public Official

Letters to the Editor: Kevin de León and Gil Cedillo, why haven’t you resigned?

Kevin de León is out of his lane on this issue. I understand the need to get rid of Gil Cedillo (by the way, his replacement can be confirmed by the time you read this). He has proven to be unreliable in other areas. But, this is an election year and no one who supports a change in the political status quo (even if it is a change in the status quo) should be considered “out of his/her lane.”

What I want is to see a real challenge to the political status quo. And I don’t believe a single thing that Cedillo has said. The truth is, the status quo is still in effect and, while the election outcome may be different, the status quo is still here.

The status quo is good for the people of Tucson, for the businesses, and the taxpayers.

De León is attempting to change the status quo. It is not going to happen. Cedillo has proven to be corrupt, dishonest and has brought about change in some areas. But, he has not done anything to change the status quo.

No one would stand for the change that Gil Cedillo would bring.

Gil Cedillo is one of the most corrupt public officials in the history of Arizona. It is no secret.

I voted for Gil Cedillo twice because I do not trust him. And I have been wrong. He has done things and I do not agree with them. I have lost many friends because of his behavior. But, I still support him. I am more than willing to continue supporting him if he would just stay out of my way.

If I were an elected official on the ballot, I’d vote for Gil Cedillo. I’m not. Nor, am I going to vote for a single candidate who supports a change that I do not agree with.

De León needs to find a candidate who will bring about change.

Kevin de León

Pima County Councilman

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