Five City Council Members Will Have to Decide if They Want to Run for Garcetti’s Seat

Martinez’s resignation sets off scramble for mid-San Fernando Valley seat

As Mayor Eric Garcetti’s resignation takes effect, a scramble for his City Hall seat will take place in the mid-San Fernando Valley.

Five City Council members will have to decide if, and in which order, they want to run for Garcetti’s seat — and if that affects the entire council.

Five is the most anybody’s ever come up with in California. In Los Angeles, there was a six-member council. In San Diego, a council seat was up for grabs between three and four candidates. And in Santa Monica, a council seat used to be held by three members but was changed to five after a city-wide vote in 1996.

Five also had been the number for the City of Encinitas — and the seat was, and is, held by five members — but Encinitas voters turned it down.

Now, five is being considered for the seat Garcetti used to fill in San Fernando Valley.

Councilman Ricardo Bautista, who represents the 5th District, has said he is “100 percent” interested. All five are part of Garcetti’s second choice for City Hall: Councilman Jose Solorio, who won the 5th seat in a rerun. Councilman Tony Rackauckas and Councilman David Alvarez are also said to be up for re-election.

Bautista’s seat is expected to be announced at the next council meeting, scheduled the second week of July.

Then there are the other four seats. Councilman Gil Cedillo, who represents the 8th District, has been considering his run. And Councilman Tom LaBonge, who represents the 6th District, is also said to be mulling it. Councilman John D’Amico will be up for re-election and is running for a four-year term. Councilman Kym L. Fantuz, who represents the 2nd District, will be up for re-election and has a term scheduled.

Councilwoman Monica Montgomery has said she

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