Evra says he feels let down by former coach Michels and wants to continue in football

Patrice Evra: Former France star opens up about sexual abuse

The French international, who played for six years in Italy between 2008 and 2013, said he felt let down by former national team coach Michels.

The former French captain was initially accused of rape by former team-mate Valeriano Cortese, before being cleared of the case in 2013.

The 25-year-old former Lyon striker also revealed how he was made to take his own life after being hit by a car in a hit-and-run incident.

Evra said: “The first time I felt that I was let down was when I lost the chance to play in front of the world because I was still in the national team.

“I was injured by an incident that happened in Italy and I couldn’t play, and that was the end of my career.

“I didn’t want to be let down again. I didn’t want to be a victim again.”

Despite his troubles with authorities in France, he is adamant that his family will stand by him and that he has a future in football after his successful move back to Lyon.

He said: “I was at a point where I couldn’t play football. I was suffering from a mental health problem but it’s finished now.

“My family didn’t want me to go to the press and say that I’m ill. My family always stood by me. In January they told me they wanted me to train with the club they had invested in me.

“I have been at Lyon for six years, my contract has been signed and I don’t even know when my life will end. I hope it doesn’t happen in the next few months, with good health and with hope of continuing my career.

“I want to continue in football because it’s my passion. I want to play at the highest level in my country.”

Evra, who now plays for English Premier League giants Manchester United, was initially arrested as part of the investigation following his departure, but his lawyers successfully argued that his rights had been infringed and that the investigation should now be dropped.

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