Climate Justice and Inequality: How the Climate Crisis and the Climate Justice Movement intersect

Climate change is fueling extremism, raising tempers along with temperatures

It’s not the first time. The climate crisis is triggering a wave of violence from “climate change deniers” that has left people with nowhere to turn, according to a report published Friday by the Climate Reality Project’s Climate Justice Initiative. That’s because climate change is fueling both a backlash against climate action and a global backlash against liberal democracy, according to co-founder Naomi Klein.

The US has already passed a carbon tax at the federal level. But a carbon tax is only part of the climate solution. We need to go further and tackle the causes of climate change, such as inequality, and the ways that racism, xenophobia, and xenophilia are fueling the climate crisis.

The report looks specifically at the climate crisis that is fueling “extremism,” and the role that anti-government movements and anti-immigrant movements are playing. The report also examines how climate change can help address inequality and the ways in which the climate crisis and inequality intersect.

“How does the climate crisis feed into inequality? How is climate change causing the rise of the far right? How can we fight climate justice while fighting the white nationalist wing of the far right?” the report asks.

“Climate change has an impact on all of us, but our power to fight it depends on how we engage directly with the climate crisis,” writes Rebecca Schuman, a graduate student interested in studying the intersection between climate justice and environmental justice. “What we can do to ensure it’s not being used for violent ends, and how to do it in a way that doesn’t limit our ability to effect change is critical for combating climate injustice.”

This is not the first time the climate crisis and the climate justice movement have intersected. Earlier this year, US government agencies warned that the climate crisis is accelerating the growth of anti-government movements like the Antifa movement. In January, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) stated that human activity is largely responsible for global warming and that the climate crisis is

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