Cardi B and Madonna use “clown emoji” to represent white children

Cardi B and Madonna make amends after clown emoji kerfuffle

The social media storm over “clown emoji” was launched by the rapper Cardi B and the pop star Madonna after one of her Instagram posts used the slur on a baby clown.

The feud started when Cardi posted a picture of herself and four of her friends wearing matching red clown hats and she used the hashtag, #SaveTheClowns on Instagram with the caption, “#ImWithTheClowns”. When the news outlet the Washington Post reported the story, Cardi replied to its tweet and wrote, “Clown emojis are used to represent the children of black men that don’t have the same opportunities as white children. I feel so much anger after seeing this.”

Madonna responded, “To me, it’s not about race, it’s about power. It’s about the fact is that they’re using the image of the clown without any context to talk about poverty issues that the clowns who are depicted in the photo have a connection to. I would never use any type of image to represent the type of people I feel need change.”

The two women then began a series of tweets on the topic of how it was disrespectful to use a picture of a clown to represent people who couldn’t have the same opportunities as white children.

When The Washington Post then ran a story, alleging that Cardi had used the slur on the day of the post, Madonna, who also had used it in a tweet the same day, responded, “The more important and powerful message you’re perpetuating with this one tweet is that white women can’t be sexy, or have power, because it isn’t cool to say things like ‘clowns’ and use it as a pejorative. You don

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