California Secretary of State’s Office says it will not appeal decision to allow full ballot count

Arizona AG gives county OK for full ballot hand counts, possibly

Pasadena, Calif. — The California Secretary of State’s office says its office has decided not to pursue an appeal of the denial of a countywide vote-by-mail ballot count in Pasadena’s city election last April.In a statement Wednesday, the office of Secretary Bill Lockyer says its office has directed county officials to proceed with full vote-by-mail ballot count for the April 5 election in Pasadena.The statement said the county’s board of supervisors has approved the vote-by-mail ballot count, likely to be completed by the end of May. The county election commission also has been asked to follow the county’s lead.According to the statement: “The Secretary of State’s office has advised that Pasadena’s request for a Full Ballot Count remains in full force and effect with respect to all subsequent elections and all precincts to be mailed ballots. The Secretary of State’s office has further advised that the decision in Pasadena will not be appealed.”The statement did not give further details on the decision.In March, the state attorney general decided not to pursue an appeal of the denial of a vote-by-mail ballot count in Pasadena’s city election, in which a vote-by-mail ballot measure fell 4 votes short of the required 10 percent to win.Attorney General Xavier Becerra said at the time the decision had little impact on the outcome of the election, and that even if the county were to re-submit the measure as a full on-ballot vote-by-mail ballot, the outcome would be similar to the April results.“The decision does not change the outcome of the election,” he said in a statement. “To date, we have not received any new information that causes us to revisit our position.”Mayor Jerry Weiers of Pasadena said in a statement Wednesday the decision was disappointing, because it has meant that many more eligible voters will have their ballots mailed out without being able to vote in-person.“We are disappointed in the decision by the San Diego County Elections Manager’s office on vote by mail ballot counts in Pasadena and elsewhere in the State of California,” Weiers said.He said the city is

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