Biden’s remark on race is a rare moment of discipline on the Democratic side

Herschel Walker flips the script, labels Biden ‘biggest threat to democracy’

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden has emerged as one of the most powerful politicians in Washington, D.C., even though his campaign has been marred by political infighting, and he has so far failed to shake that legacy.

FILE PHOTO: Democratic 2020 U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden talks to the media after presenting a climate change policy speech at the American College in Washington, U.S., December 14, 2019. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Yet now, Biden is not just battling with a small circle of advisers, but is also fighting a larger culture war with a Republican party that he has accused of undermining the democratic system.

“America is stronger when we rise above personal attacks to focus on the common ideals that unite us, such as justice and liberty,” Biden told reporters on Monday when asked why his message seemed to be slipping away amid infighting.

Biden is emerging as the leading contender after an initial field that featured some political outsiders such as Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders but others who have dominated the debates, including Joe Sestak.

Biden is facing off against Republican President Donald Trump in the race for the Nov. 3 election that has been mired in infighting, with one of the candidates accusing the President of racism and a second accusing him of sexual assault, among other allegations.

Biden’s remarks on Monday marked a rare moment of discipline on the Democratic side as he struggled to turn back the rising tide of criticism over his past statements on race, including his suggestion that former Vice President Joe Biden, who is black, was not as tough on racial discrimination as former president Barack Obama.

The criticism intensified in the days after an online video, which has since emerged, showed Biden referring to a woman as “My back is against the wall” during a 2012 debate. He apologized without making clear what he meant by the remark, although the Democratic National Committee was quick to say Biden had violated the party’s code of conduct.

Biden is also facing accusations that he used his official powers as vice president to get Ukraine to investigate a political rival, former vice president Joe Biden’s son Hunter.

Trump said in a tweet on Monday that if he wins re-election he would “look into all the s—�

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